Recipes for Life: My Memories

Now available from Post Hill Press.


Kirkus Reviews

Hollywood Walk of Fame actress Evans (Linda Evans Beauty and Exercise Book, 1983) tells her story through food.

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The Women's Eye

"A fascinating journey of a well-lived life in the spotlight."

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33 Voices

Linda Evans Maxims and Personal Mantra.

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Long Island Woman

Exclusive interview about the once in lifetime opportunities, her journey of self-discovery and the sensational recipes for Linda Evans' remarkable life.


The Review Broads

Refreshing, and downright fun, Linda Evans Recipes for Life reveals a well rounded, classy and caring portrait that belies all the "dirt" we hear about Hollywood celebrities.

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Huff Post FOOD

Linda Evans Is Even Better Than Krystle.


Check out this interview with Linda, calling Recipes for Life "A unique blend of cookbook and memoir of a life well lived – her stories are poignant, intense, funny and reflective, punctuated by her surprisingly robust sense of humor and a graciousness that comes through on every page."


Take a dash of Hollywood, throw in two failed marriages, stir in a passion for cooking and top it off with a sprinkle of celebrity boyfriends. What do you get? The ingredients for Linda Evans' new book, Recipes for Life.

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The Scrivens Post

A brave and vulnerable book by someone who isn’t afraid to share herself with the reader... In short, a woman who leads life with an open heart.


Linda's Dynasty Corn Pudding––This dish is so wonderful and gooey, with the corn, the cheese, and the chiles. Your mouth is in so many different worlds at once.


Women Around Town

In her new book, Recipes for Life: My Memories, she (Evans) looks back on a life well lived and lived well.


Third Age

Recently had the chance to talk to Linda, 69, about her life and the tasty treat of her newly published book.

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Recipes for Life is sure to please the die-hard Linda Evans' fans; you'll love getting to go backstage on the Dynasty set. And even if you're too young to remember the early years, Evans still is a fascinating woman in her own right with a lifetime of experiences to share.

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Chicago Sun-Times

When writing her life story, “Dynasty” star Linda Evans wanted to serve up more than just food for thought.

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January Magazine

Recipes for Life is a surprisingly candid -- not to mention surprisingly delicious -- collection of both Evans’ memories and her recipe

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Make-Ahead Meals for Busy Moms

Linda Evans' new book Recipes for Life has just been published and 3 of my lucky readers can win a copy!

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Three Different Directions

Cookbook collectors will want this unique take on recipes. Linda Evans, beloved actress, makes each recipe a story.


Ladies' Lounge

Need a good memoir to read? In her book Recipes for Life Linda opens up, sharing secrets for living.


All Women Stalk

The recipes Linda Evans shares in her new book, "Recipes for Life," are a reflection of the sweetness and charm in her soul.



I love this twist that Evans gives to her latest book in this genre by including recipes that link her history with dishes she remembers.



When I was young one of my favorite television shows was The Big Valleystarring Barbara Stanwyck and a young actress named Linda Evans. I thought she was the most beautiful person on tv.

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Linus's Blanket

When I accepted Recipes for Life: My Memories by Linda Evans for review, I had no idea just how much I would love this book. 


Linda Evans Talks About That Rock Hudson Kiss

In her new book, Linda Evans describes how to make stuff like muffins and artichoke dip, as well as offering biographical chapters with titles like "Nearly Disappearing Into a Black Hole" and "Tuna Meltdown."But she also reminisces about the famous time Rock Hudson kissed her on Dynasty in 1984.


The Cyberlibrarian Reads

"I'm not the woman I used to be. I'm rich in experience and looking for new and wonderful adventures to add to this magical gift called life." And with this book, she (Evans) has accomplished another one of her goals.


Bob on Books

Linda Evans' new book, Recipes for Life: My Memories, is a tasty mix of Hollywood tidbits and Evans' favorite recipes.

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Chef Kevin's Foodie Blog

Warm Berries in Custard: This dessert is easy to make yet classic.


The 80's: The Decade that Made Us

Linda Evans shares behind the scenes Dynasty tales in this Six-Part Miniseries Event Narrated by Rob Lowe on the National Geographic Channel.

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NFESH Soul Award

Linda Evans receives a Soul Award for her activism in supporting NFESH to end senior hunger.

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Pioneers of Television: Primetime Soaps

The third season of this Emmy-nominated series reveals intriguing behind-the-scenes stories and fascinating facts about television shows and programming genres that continue to influence the medium today. New interviews with Linda Evans, legendary stars and never-before-seen images mix with timeless footage that still entertains viewers decades later. Narrated by Ryan Seacrest.

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Healthy Women

Linda Evans captivated a capacity crowd with her keynote on "living your best life" at the Healthy Woman Anniversary Red Carpet Affair in June. Evans told the women in attendance that they shouldn't be afraid to step outside their comfort zone - enjoy life - and experience new adventures. 

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From “The Big Valley” to “Dynasty,” TV legend Linda Evans shares her fondest memories with Marie Osmond on her incredible life story.


The Dr. Pat Show

Linda Evans shares her voice and vision with Dr. Pat.


AARP's My Generation

Val Zavala talks with Linda Evans about Hollywood, heartbreak — and John Wayne's crab dip.

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Congress, Celebrities rally for Meals on Wheels

Linda Evans and Linda Gray joined Congresswomen Rosa L. DeLauro (D-CT) and Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO) as honorary co-chairs of the newly formed National Alliance of Women Against Senior Hunger. The Alliance was formed by the Meals On Wheels Research Foundation in support of MOWAA’s vision to end senior hunger by 2020.

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Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show

Linda Evans attends The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection 2012 Fashion Show in Tadashi Shoji gown.

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Buche de Noel

Linda shares a recipe for Buche de Noel from her book on ABC's The Chew.

Pillow Fight

Clinton plays a game of "Cookbooks of the Rich and Famous" which lands Linda in a few pillow fights on The Chew.

The Chew

Watch the full episode with Linda Evans.

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All Star Cookie Swap

Linda Evans shares her favorite Holiday cookie recipe: Ginger cookie with lemon curd; two things she loves. "The cookie itself is irresistible. When I put the lemon curd on it, I'm in trouble!"  

Devour the Blog

These sunny little confections remind us a little of Krystle: sweet, spicy and a little tart.

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The Rachael Ray Show

Linda shares ideas for entertaining in her new cookbook memoir, Recipes for Life.

Linda Evans' Best Ever Apple Pie Recipe

Linda and Rachael make the "Best Ever Apple Pie".

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New Day Northwest

Linda cooks from the heart on New Day Northwest making one of her favorite dishes, a crab dip recipe given to her by "The Duke", John Wayne.

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The Nate Berkus Show

Linda shares her Dynasty Corn Pudding and much more with Nate Berkus. 

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Bayview School of Cooking

In December, Linda visited the Bayview School of Cooking to prepare and share her favorite Holiday recipes. See Photos

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Halli Casser-Jayne Show

Life gets lovelier the second time around. Don’t believe me? Ask the gorgeous Linda Evans.


Wendy Williams Show

Linda Evans talks about her marriage with ex-husband John Derek.

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You've Got

Linda shares a Lust for Life.

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Linda joins KTLA in Los Angeles to share her heart and passions... from love to cooking and her new book, Recipes for Life.

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Access Hollywood

Linda dishes on her life and then shares a fabulous dish. 


QVC's Sunday's Best

For a very special edition of Recipes for Life, exclusive signed copies are available from QVC, as seen on "Sunday's Best". Linda poured her heart into inscribing every one of them! Click HERE to view details about the book > Then click on the VIDEO tab to see Linda's on-air interview.

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Good Day New York

Linda visits Good Day New York and shares candid stories from her new book, Recipes for Life.


Linda Evans with Anny Curry

Linda shares Hollywood memories as a young actress, her wisdom about aging and her new book, Recipes for Life.

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Linda Evans with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb

Linda opens up about her ups and downs and shares recipes she loves to cook.

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The Dennis Miller Show LIVE

Actress Linda Evans shares her "Recipes for Life," both figurative and literal.


15 Things You Don’t Know About Linda Evans

Fun and Fascinating Facts Revealed



Listen to the podcast interview with Olivia Wilder.


The Joy Behar Show

Linda discusses her two great loves and the reactions she received dating a younger man.

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Linda Evans on Joan Hamburg

Listen to the Podcast


 Fox & Friends

Linda opens up her past and kitchen in her new book, Recipes for Life.


The Ultimate Women's Expo

On October 2nd, The Ultimate Women's Expo in Los Angeles presented "A Conversation with Linda Evans", interview by Lynette Romero from KTLA followed by Q & A with attendees and a book signing.


2011 Mission Viejo Readers Festival

If Linda Evans ever doubted her timeless star power, Saturday's Readers' Festival served as a vivid reminder that her adoring fans are many. 

SOCTV spotlights the Readers Festival

Garth Wyckoff interviews Linda at the 3rd annual Mission Viejo's Reader's Festival; a free fun-filled event that brings books to life.

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Kitchen on Fire with Linda Evans

On September 18th at Kitchen on Fire, located in Berkeley's Epicurious Garden of gourmet cuisine, Linda cooked up some of her favorite dishes while sharing stories of her adventures in cooking, career and life. See Photos

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BEA Show Daily 2011: Linda Evans: A 'Dynasty' Legend Looks Back

Asked what she hopes readers will take from her book, Evans ponders for just a moment. "I suppose that people are really like recipes… We're all individuals—we're all put together and seasoned uniquely by our life, and as time goes on, the recipe changes. We change."


Special edition of "Piers Morgan Tonight": Exclusive chat with four legendary women of TV

Legendary women of television – Angie Dickinson, Linda Evans, Stefanie Powers and Nichelle Nichols – open up to Piers about their lives and careers.


"Pioneers of Television"

They are the legendary women of television who strolled, sprinted, fought, laughed, cried and loved through worlds that took viewers to places past, present and future. They broke through barriers and glass ceilings to become much beloved and powerful television stars. Join us as Angie Dickinson, Linda Evans, Stefanie Powers and Nichelle Nichols share their compelling behind-the-scenes stories from their illustrious careers that are featured in PBS's "Pioneers of Television."

CLIPS from the show: 
Linda Evans on LOVE and "The Big Valley" | PBS 
 Linda Evans: STUNTS on "The Big Valley" | PBS


TV Legend Linda Evans on Rachael Ray

Just for fun, Rachael gives Linda a “Forever Krystle” perfume scent challenge.

Linda Evans Recalls Career Highlights

Evans talks about her groundbreaking role and the special relationship she developed with Stanwyck, who died in 1990, on the PBS series Pioneers of Television airing Tuesday, January 25th, (8/9 p.m. ET/PT).

Linda Evans: Still in Great Shape at 68

Linda Evans mesmerized TV viewers as a sex symbol for nearly 30 years. Now, at 68, the bronzed goddess shares her secrets for staying healthy inside and out.

Linda Evans on the Morning Blend

Linda Evans visits the Morning Blend via satellite to talk about "The Pioneers of Television", premiering on PBS on January 18th.

Catching up with "Dynasty's" Linda Evans

Linda Evans, known for her role as Krystle Jennings on eighties soap opera "Dynasty", talks about her new project "Pioneers of Television" on PBS.

Linda Evans on Good Day New York

On Friday, Evans visited the Good Day New York studios to talk about her new series, "Pioneers of Television".


"The Oprah Show"

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Actress and model Cybill Shepherd, Dynasty's Linda Evans and Desperate Housewives' Teri Hatcher reveal their most startling confessions about aging and beauty.

Aging Beauty

They're some of the most glamorous women to ever grace the small screen. Now, Teri Hatcher, Cybill Shepherd and Linda Evans are joining Oprah to share what they know for sure about aging—that true beauty comes with knowing who you really are.

Linda Evans' Mountain Retreat

Linda Evans left showbiz at the height of Dynasty's popularity for a life of simple pleasures. Take a tour of her peaceful property outside Rainier, Washington. Exclusive: Linda Evans on Divorce

Linda Evans' first marriage ended when her husband left her for a 15-year-old. Watch as she reflects on the lessons she learned from the breakup. Exclusive: Linda Evans' "Senior Moment"

Linda Evans shares the moment she realized she qualified for the senior discount at the movie theater. Find out why she thinks there should be another term for "senior citizen."