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Armando and me.

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Me with my sister Carole, AKA Charlie.

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I just love these big beasts.

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An evening at home.

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Me now.

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Shooting shooting tennis.

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John and me.

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MGM Barbie.

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I had forgotten how magical snow is!

February 8, 2016


I’m off to Aspen, where I learned to ski…. but I’m not going to ski. I’m thrilled to be there with my friend on her birthday and I promise to share pictures of the heavy flurries. I’m headed into more snowfall than I’ve ever seen… and ready for it!

February 3, 2016


It’s been such a joy for me to have my most favorite recipes all in one place –– my book! It certainly has saved me from looking through piles and drawers over the years of collecting them. Have you made any yet? I would love to hear how they turned out.

January 28, 2016


My new chapter in this edition is all about my journey through pain, triumph and life lessons. I’m getting bolder as I'm getting older. I hope you are too!

January 13, 2016


My book finally arrived… I’ve got it in my hands!

January 10, 2016


Alexie and I still haven't opened our Christmas gifts. I feel so blessed and loved... I may wait another day to just enjoy all the love under the tree.

December 25, 2015


It's Alexie's 2nd Christmas.

December 2, 2015


Since writing my book four years ago, these have been powerful and life changing times for me. In a new edition coming out in January, I wrote a new chapter. It’s a new ending… actually, a new beginning.

November 29, 2015


I’m so thankful for my life.... and for the understanding that chaos can lead to change. I’m feeling so grateful for the powerful people in the world who are courageous in sharing their voices, big and small. They are the heart of a better world. Everyone makes a difference. It’s what life is about. Happy Thankgiving to all of you… wishing you many blessings.

November 26, 2015


I'm feeling so very blessed today -- my birthday -- to be alive and have such a wonderful life filled with purpose... and I'm feeling so grateful to all of you here with me. Our connection fills my heart.

November 18, 2015


We see everywhere in nature that it lets go of what it’s been… to be what it can become. There is beauty in change. Like the Fall leaves... if you’re going to change, now is the time.

October 9, 2015


Here we are at the Costco East Coast Optical weekend for my eyewear line.... with my friends, Cary and Tina, wearing our favorite football team t-shirts. Powerful women by day; fun and free by night…. all in the spirit of celebrating all the good works of the year.

October 6, 2015


I’ve been working since I was fifteen. And I’m certain a lot of you have put in a lot of years, so let’s take the time this Labor Day to celebrate ourselves and our efforts.


I know I should be relaxing, but I’m packing again. Off to Santa Barbara tomorrow. But today, I’m wishing that your well deserved day off has laughter, fun and family.


I haven’t unpacked totally from Europe, so whatever’s left (and clean) is coming with me.

September 7, 2015


In England... on my way to Highclere castle...

August 29, 2015


On the Royal Scotsman train...

August 28, 2015


The kitchen, in the house I'm at in Italy.... the vegetables from the garden... and the view from the terrace overlooking the village. I'm in Heaven!

August 14, 2015


When I heard about this, I had to be a part of the movement. We can use all the help we can get. Bless you…

July 21, 2015


I'm in Santa Barbara with my besties for the opening of The Gallery.

July 18, 2015


Record heat for Washington State and it's not going to stop soon. Alexie's got it all figured out. Maybe I could squeeze in there with her!

July 5, 2015


How special to be interviewed by many of you!

June 15, 2015


Landed in Mexico with lightening and thunderstorms all around us. Wild and beautiful! This morning the sun is out and it's heating up quickly. I'm ready for some new adventures. Definitely huevos rancheros this morning!

June 12, 2015


It’s so beautiful in the Pacific Northwest, sometimes I stay out in the yard until the sun sets in the garden…. with a glass of wine.

June 4, 2015


I’m at Bunky’s house and despite her macular degeneration and heart valve problem, she’s as feisty as ever. A great example of the power of spirit in each of us! She’s had me laughing all weekend. It’s her gift to the world. She's been the wind beneath my wings and my rock, and the funniest person on this planet. I couldn't love her more.

May 31, 2015


It's hard to leave this beautiful serene place. I've had so many good times here. I forget how great it is to get completely away from my life and to just laugh and have fun. Change is good!

May 17, 2015


Can you believe it? From 80 degrees to snow! Loving Switzerland's views, weather, people... and food!

May 16, 2015


I’m going to Switzerland for a few weeks with friends to stay in a charming house on the lake. Swiss chocolate and cheese are definitely on my To-Eat list.

May 8, 2015


Spring is here! The flowers are going on the deck. The fruit trees are blooming. We’re just starting to plant our vegetable garden. Do any of you grow your own food? There is nothing that tastes better than a tomato grown in your own garden.

May 7, 2015


Leavin’ on a jet plane to Santa Barbara to be with very dear friends. Walks on the beach are a must. Hope your weekend will be filled laughter and friends too.

April 17, 2015


I’ve just finished cooking my Easter ham…. thinking of you at home sharing this day with your family and friends…. sending you my love.

April 5, 2015


It never ceases to amaze me how hopeful dogs are. All day Alexie knows when I move anywhere towards the door that I will take her out. Her enthusiasm makes me do it! It’s so touching that I always cave in… which happened a lot today.

March 29, 2015


Spring is coming to my backyard, so Alexie and I went for a walk in the rain. Because of her, I’ve gotten out so much more in nature and I’ve discovered so many charming places that I never knew existed in my little town. I wonder if you have special places you like to walk through in the rain.

March 15, 2015


This sunrise was the beginning of a magnificent day, where I spoke at the Reflections of Hope luncheon in Boca Raton. It was so uplifting to connect with a group of women so passionate about loving and caring enough to break the stigma of mental illness. This was such a powerful event. It inspired me to share my own journey, and this amazing group, the Ruth and Normal Rales Jewish Family Services, filled me with so much hope for the possibilities for so many people. It was a glorious day.

February 27, 2015


It was 26 degrees the morning I left Washington. This is the view from my balcony in Florida. I’m here to speak with 600 beautiful women about life’s challenges and gifts. Connecting like this feeds my soul. Sending sunshine and love to you all.

February 25, 2015


Look who’s wearing a hat too! Alexie and I will have our noses pressed to the TV later today, holding the dream and knowing and believing in the remarkable unstoppable Seahawks!

February 1, 2015


Life offers us opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to experience different aspects of ourselves. And right now, I’m being given the opportunity to understand what self love is. What this looks like, for me, is just…. loving me.

My back surgery gave me a chance to be out of pain. And now I've lost over half of my hair… the by-product of that choice. This has made me look at myself differently because I realized what I'm going to do and how I'm going to handle this. I’m not going to try to hide it, I’m going to live it and be grateful for it. The hair will come back. Thank God the back pain will not.

If you see me and I’m wearing a blond short wig or I’ve got a hat on, this is who I am… right now. This is the beautiful truth. It’s not an apology. It’s not ‘I wish it were different’. This is my reality right now.

January 17, 2015


It’s a NEW year! And my vow is to welcome into these new days only things that make my heart sing! If it makes me smile, I’m in! I am not carrying have-to’s or must’s forward.

I really believe that feeling well and being well are the result of living who we really are and being true to our soul.

Wishing all of you tremendous JOY in 2015!

December 31st, 2014


Every once in a while, someone gets what my heart wants to say. Thank you, Michelle, for this beautiful piece.

December 28th, 2014


I spent most of December in Florida healing my back, so there was no time to do what I usually do to celebrate everyone this year! But I've now found that this has only nudged me closer to the truest meaning of Christmas…. Spending the time I do have with my family, laughing with my friends…. just being together.

This priceless love is sweeter than any gift wrapped with a lavish bow. I never knew that all I had to do was show up for the people I love with an open heart, and feel the exhilarating spirit we share.

So to all of you, I am sending you my love and wishes that all your wishes come true the whole year through.

December 25th, 2014


I’m coming home! And I’m SO much better than when I left. Thank God, thank God for skillful neurosurgeons. Right now I’m pain free and so grateful. Bless you ALL for your loving healing thoughts.

December 20th, 2014


After doing everything that I could to heal my back, I’m away now, having surgery again. It's minimally invasive and I'm thrilled to be expected to recover very quickly. I’m so grateful for the beautiful care I am receiving, and I'm confident in the outcome I’m going to have…. being back in life and feeling more vibrant and well! This will be a different kind of Christmas, but I am savoring the view that I have, and the inward nudge for reflection… and the love I am finding in places I've never seen before.

December 13th, 2014


I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday of the year. And as I decorate my tree, I'm thinking of you and all the beautiful ways you celebrate this season… with all of your trees, all of your holiday decorations. I send you my love and wishes for everything that fills your heart with laughter and joy.

December 7th, 2014


The morning dust of snow in my garden is beautiful, but melting. Tomorrow I’m heading to sunny Arizona to speak to the Senior Circle. I packed my not-too-high heels – this will be my first attempt to wear them since my back operation. But I’m always excited to connect about celebrating aging, so here I come… high heels and holiday cheer!

December 2nd, 2014


I'm in California… and just love this poinsettia tree. Today, my heart is FULL of gratitude for the many blessings in my life... and feeling SO thankful for you… for all of you. I wish you all the dearest and happiest Thanksgiving ever.

November 27th, 2014


I keep this photo framed of Alexie and me and look at it often in Winter, knowing that even in the darkness and bareness of the trees that Spring is coming. It’s like the dreams we dream in life…. they are like the seeds in the ground that take time to bloom into their fullness.

Alexie always makes my heart smile through every season.

November 22nd, 2014


I just found out that I share the same birthday with one of the women I admire most today! Her name is Brene Brown. She is a treasure to all of us. Her message is groundbreaking. I’ve read all her books and heard her CDs and I’m in awe of her passion to “dare greatly”.

November 19th, 2014


One of my best friends, Gary, cooked a fantastic birthday dinner for me -- the first of many -- the chocolate cake was to live for!

I’m 72 years young today. This aging thing has its challenges for sure, but I've seen they don't get easier with a bad attitude. The more I look to see what’s working, wisdom is high up on the list of pluses. The understandings and insights have given me compassion -- the long look backward which has shown me that the things I thought were the worst things in my life have, upon reflection, turned out to be the best things…. and always worked well for me in the long run. Even my back pain this last year gave me such gifts.

Today I am grateful for my long life, the grace that comes from living it well, and the excitement I feel for all the potentials that exist for me in the future.

It touches my heart that we're all on this journey together so many years after Dynasty…. and still connecting.

November 18th, 2014


My trip to Africa was breathtaking. I stayed with friends whose camp was near a wildlife refuge. Animals don’t know borders, so they roam freely. We had an outrageous experience with two leopards one night. Unfortunately I was unable to photograph them, but I assure you I will never forget it. We were only able to get so close to the rhinoceros because we were down wind and they have terrible eyesight, thank God. 

My experiences in Africa have always been life changing. I become so aware of how present the animals are. They live so fully moment to moment. And there's such a beauty in that. Their purity touches me… and when I come home, I'm never the same.

November 9th, 2014


Every Fall, I remember why I moved to the Pacific Northwest. The beauty of the leaves floating through the air, the colors of the trees, and the sweet sounds of the rain. I remember with nostalgia, how John Forsythe used to call and say, “Has the sun come out yet?” He was so certain that we never had regular sunshine here. I miss those calls… and John.

October 26th, 2014


I’m off to West Virgina to speak with a beautiful group of women at the Greenbrier…. my favorite thing to do! When I return, get ready for Africa photos!

October 15th, 2014


Africa always takes my heart away.

October 15th, 2014


I’m on my way to Africa with friends. Yes, I have my camera. Adventure photos coming for sure. Have a beautiful September!

 September 18th, 2014


It was more than I could have ever hoped. It could not have been more beautiful. My heart is SO full….

 September 15th, 2014


Tonight’s the night. I am SO excited.

 September 14th, 2014


Life is so beautiful... I’m going to see Yanni in concert for the first time in ten years! Be still my heart!

 September 12th, 2014


I can’t possibly love Alexie more on any certain day, but it’s wonderful that the nation is calling attention to dogs everywhere.

  August 26th, 2014


Hello! It’s been a while! Lots of us making changes this summer. It’s never dull… and always worthwhile. Holding you all in the best place in my heart.

  August 19th, 2014


I was a daddy’s girl. On Father’s day I miss him with all my heart. I only had him for 15 years. I’m so grateful that he gave me life.

  June 15th, 2014


It’s been feeling like summertime – warm days and sunlight in the evenings… so we bar-b-qued last night. And being that it’s peach season – the one time of year you can get fresh peaches, my friend, Gary, upped and expanded my Peach Heaven recipe. And oh my word – So utterly surprised and delighted that he whipped up the cream with vanilla and brown sugar… then he added fresh lemon curd on the side…We all went to Heaven!

  June 9th, 2014


Such a beautiful understanding…

  June 1st, 2014


BIG moment today! I could finally bend over and tie my shoes...

  May 4th, 2014


This is the look that melts me.

  April 27th, 2014


It's a beautiful sunny Easter day. Alexie and I are going visiting. Easter kisses to you all!

  April 20th, 2014


I loved meeting you all at Delray Beach Center for the Arts! Have you thought about my challenge…. to sit down and think about what you’re going to do with the rest of your life? After 60, we have so many more years to live… and with all the wisdom we’ve gained. This challenge is different than anything you’ve done so far… Find and remember your unfulfilled dreams – the dreams you laid down when you got married and had children… Now, it’s YOUR time. What do you think you might do?

  April 17th, 2014


Delray Beach Center for the Arts, I’m packed and on my way! I purposefully left my high heels behind. Just thrilled I can walk and stand and be there. Flats are “in”, anyway. See you very soon...

  April 9th, 2014


Getting my thoughts together for my trip to Florida… playing with Alexie, having friends over for dinner – really really great friends who are actually cooking the dinner! SO excited to share what I love with Delray Beach soon…

  April 6th, 2014


You ALL make me feel SO supported and loved!

  April 6th, 2014


My heart really goes out to people who have endured any pain for a period of time. The challenge with my back is giving me the great gift of understanding… I’m learning about being more humble, more compassionate and more empathetic with myself…. and everyone. I see myself on the other side of this. And I can’t question how long it takes... I just know that I’m there.

  March 22nd, 2014


So inspired to see Brené Brown on OWN’s Super Soul Sunday. Every woman should hear her series on shame and vulnerability. So brilliant. I just LOVE her. And I’m learning to love the work in progress I am, determined to overcome my back issues. More to share soon…

  March 13th, 2014


I’m discovering that the things in life we don’t plan on, like having health issues, are huge opportunities to test our beliefs and personal spirit. The back pain I thought I’d "gotten over" many months ago is now challenging me at a deeper level. But being taken down by it has only given me a broader perspective on how overcoming hard things in life are making me stronger…. Yoga and water therapy are building up my inner core. But it’s my time in reflection that is showing me how everything in life has purpose.

  January 11th, 2014


I woke up to Alexie’s Merry Christmas kisses and I am wishing bountiful sweet love to all of you too!

  December 25th, 2013


“There is no passion to be found playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living” ~ Nelson Mandela

He may be gone… but his words and his life will always inspire us.

  December 9th, 2013


Today I woke up so grateful. Grateful to be alive on this planet, at this time, with all of you. Grateful that it’s such a wonderful time of change. And I know that change begins with me. Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving... filled with family, friendship and love.

  November 28th, 2013


I just spent 5 glorious days in the South, celebrating my 71st birthday with my girlfriend who turned seventy 4 days before me. We were pampered and spoiled by the beauty of nature around us. The seventies are so much more fun than I ever imagined they would be when I was younger! I loved reading all your birthday wishes… and thought I’d share with you the one I received from my little girl.

  November 25th, 2013


As women, we all share the same emotions at different times in our lives. And I am touched by the empathy you all showed this women by courageously sharing your own personal journeys. It helps to know that we are truly never alone. And that if someone else walked out of the pain, we can too.

  November 25th, 2013


I met a woman today at the South Sound Women’s Show who touched my heart – She was 63, married all her life, but has now lost her husband, her children are grown, she’s facing challenges she’s never known… and she’s afraid.

We are living to be 80 to 90 years of age…. So what I said to her is what I do myself… Let’s start OPENING doors and TAKING CHANCES. Don’t be afraid that you’re not enough, or that you will fail… We grow stronger as we face our fears…. and we get wiser.

Beautiful lady, make this door your opportunity… and let the sun come through again.

  October 26th, 2013


Leaving today for the islands with girlfriends and where there is sunshine… after six days of torrential rain in the Pacific Northwest. I’ll be leaving my bathing suit behind.

  October 3rd, 2013


I'm so proud of you and what you're sharing with me… So many of you helping seniors and touching their lives! Tonight, I'm off to one of my best friend's art exhibit. On my bucket list is learning to paint!

  September 21st, 2013


YES, the pasta in Italy was extraordinary. I wish I could share with you the tastes, the flavors and the sweet warm nights. This next week now, I’m speaking to a beautiful group of people committed to making sure seniors have ongoing meals -- the sustenance of life… and as important, connection with others… perhaps the only person they see all day.

  September 15th, 2013


I’m back! I’m heavier. I’m happier. And I’m inspired to recreate some of the fabulous meals I had there!

  September 11th, 2013


Off to Italy with friends! My back is better and I can hardly wait to eat the pasta and all the other naughty and delicious Italian food I love so much. Alexie will be staying with close friends and learning to track. It's hard to leave, but it will be so sweet coming home to her.

   August 9th, 2013


Nothing like quiet time to reflect…. You really can’t appreciate how extraordinary it is to do the simple things in life, like walking, until your back goes out and you can’t. Thank God, my recovery seems miraculous because I walk every day and I’ve lifted weights since I was twenty. (50 years ago, women did not do strength training.) My friends, the best investment you can make in your life is to take care of yourself…. and be happy.

   July 30th, 2013


During the Dynasty years when I opened my purse, I had contents like a comb, a mirror, lipstick or a credit card. Now when I open my handbag, it's stuffed with multi-colored doggie-poopy bags! They're in my car. My pockets. My everything! My dearest Alexie has taken over my life…

   July 16th, 2013


I love that you opened up and shared your ideas with me! And I’m so touched by your invitations to all of your special places and Heavenly spots. It’s so beautiful knowing you all have unique places tucked away that I never knew existed all around the world. We all need places to go where we can hear our own hearts.

   July 14th, 2013


Thinking of getting away for fun! Relaxation. Looking for the most wonderful place. Where have you been to? I'd love your ideas!

   July 5th, 2013


Your voices are so beautiful. I’m touched by all the tried and true ways you lift yourselves up on such unique and deeply personal paths. We all endure bumps in life’s road. How beautiful that so many of you know you have YOU to turn to…. for so many sources of happiness. Wishing you all a sweet summer day…

   June 30th, 2013


I’ve been thinking… We wake up each day and we really do have a choice to fill it with joy, or see all the things that don’t work in our lives. No matter what’s going on, we get to determine how we feel about it. Happiness is optional. So I’m wondering…. In a day that’s difficult, what things do you do that move you into a sweeter place?

   June 23rd, 2013


It’s heartbreaking to find out that a few of my friends have heart disease and are suffering from strokes. I realize that we women have to be more loving to ourselves by having the courage to make changes in our lives that make us happy… so we can be healthy.

   June 21st, 2013


I’ve made some huge changes in my life in the last 10 years, which I’ll be sharing with a group of women in the Midwest on Tuesday. 

Because the “worst” things in my life turned out to be the BEST things, I’m not afraid of the journey. I trust change. See you in Moberly.

   June 9th, 2013


If she grows into her ears, she’s going to be a big girl! I’m probably the last person in the world to know how much love you could feel for a dog… and how beautiful it is to have something this precious in life.

    May 26th, 2013


Here is the joy in my life... full of puppy trouble! Why did I wait so long to find her! This is Alexie at 3 months and growing every minute. All your puppy-distraction suggestions work like magic!

    May 6th, 2013


Going down memory lane, talking to reporters these last few days about Dynasty and the 80's for National Geographic. Unbeknownst to the interviewers, I’ve been keeping Alexie occupied by tossing ice cubes to her paws which she’s pushed and chased all over the sun room floor! More interviews tonight with Europe. Anyone have any puppy-distraction suggestions…perhaps introduce her to peanut butter……???????????

    April 17th, 2013


National Geographic is airing a special on the 80's tonight and I shared some memories with them. If any of you remember those days – you’ll love this show. Here’s a flashback moment just for you…. I’m hanging out with Joan and her sister Jackie with Dani Janssen… Not exactly Dynasty’ish…. this is Joan and I in our free time.

    April 15th, 2013


I had just seen the movie Anna Karenina and a few days later, thinking I was getting a small dog… surprised myself with falling completely and totally in love with a beautiful white German Shepard (and part Siberian Husky), I named Alexie. She had me at a glance! She’s very spirited! And all I’ve been doing ever since is ALEXIE, night and day!

    April 3rd, 2013


I’m going around doggy-proofing today, looking for every little area.... getting ready for my new little puppy! 

This is my coyote-stopping gate that my cats get through… but will it stop the puppy?

     March 14th, 2013


Silver Watch, yes, volunteerism is good for the soul. Yes Yes Yes.

     March 14th, 2013


Just got back from the Big Apple… with a “Soul Award” from NFESH – who are continuing the work of Meals on Wheels in feeding hungry seniors. They recognize that we have to go community by community, state by state to find the hidden hungry. 

They want to have a conversation with all of you…. I would love you to share your ideas and thoughts because you may have the solution – I so thank you.

     March 6th, 2013


Your voice can be heard today, if you want to stand for Mother Nature

      February 17th, 2013


Just came home from a week in Aspen, hiking in the mountains in the snow! It’s always great to come home.... and now my heart is full of all your loving thoughts!

      February 15th, 2013


Tonight, PBS is airing Season 3 of Pioneers of Television. I have no idea what parts of Dynasty they’ll show, but I’m thinking back at how proud I was to be on a show where the creators dealt with taboo subjects like mental illness and homosexuality… and they chose to hire older women when they could have easily cast younger. Watching this will be a wonderful déjà vu.

      January 22nd, 2013


I’m a big fan of PBS.... there is a series I think Martin Luther King would have loved…called the Abolitionists. I was riveted. It shows how we can all make a difference….

      January 21st, 2013


Love your enthusiasm! I don't mind that my feet are bigger… actually there's more of me everywhere, but I wouldn't trade a pound or a year of my life. Looking back is sweet.

      January 18th, 2013


I was just looking through some old boxes and came across my boots that I had worn on the Big Valley, back in 1965. They deserve to look like they look since they are 48 years old! I can't even get my foot into them... like the glass slipper that doesn't fit anymore!

      January 17th, 2013


I read all your notes… they make my heart smile...

      January 10th, 2013


5 pounds later, and grateful it's only that, I had a very merry Christmas, how about you?!  Let’s all pray the new year brings the world more peace…

      January 9th, 2013


I’m off to get in trouble with Bunky. I’m sure something stunning will happen to make us laugh -- that’s how she lives her life…

      December 5th, 2012


Your comments are so dear! My tour is on the radio and in newspapers and magazines…I do some in my pajamas at 5:30 in the morning. At midday, to get away from the hustle and bustle of my household and when the other phones are ringing…I’ve even resorted to running with my phone to my ear into the closet. Nobody knew… but now you do!

      December 5th, 2012


I feel like I’m back on Dynasty… up before the birds (and my cats) on the air for my radio tour across the country -- every day these past few weeks! It’s been amazing talking to beautiful show hosts and journalists at every hour imaginable. I find it so fascinating to know there is a world out there awake and connecting with each other – all of who I never knew until I started talking to them! I really treasure these conversations. I’ve just had the best time!

      December 4th, 2012


I’m so grateful to have so many beautiful friends all over the world wishing me happy birthday. Thank you for being in my life! Sending my love back!

      November 18th, 2012


Wisdom is an option. It can come to you at any time. At any age, the greatest prize is joy.

      November 14th, 2012


My book in paperback is out!


What an adventure this has been since its first release... In this last year, I discovered that my journey is every woman’s journey.


I had wanted to write a book that was full of outrageous anecdotes so that I could openly and honestly share my greatest moments – the bliss, pain, betrayal… and in spite of it all, my unending belief in love.


I’ve been traveling the country speaking to groups about my life experiences, sharing stories from my book and hearing from many of you about your own lives–– your tears, your fears and desires to find joy and love again….to have a better life –– it’s been an exhilarating conversation.


I’m about to turn 70, an age many people call old. I call it Opportunity. Seventy isn’t scary. I know it’s going to be nothing I thought it would be. It can be a revealing and beautiful time. A lot of people wish they could be younger again. I would never go back because the life lessons that I’ve learned, the wisdom’s that I’ve gained have been the greatest freedom I’ve known. I value that more than having a young body without that mind.


All my memories in Recipes for Life make up who I am today –– as excited as ever for the future and wishing all of you the privilege to age far in life too.

      November 12th, 2012


If we care about our future, we have to be a part of making it. Vote today to have the future you want tomorrow. My ballot’s been cast!

      November 6th, 2012


My heart goes out to all of you on the East coast…. and my prayers are with you!.

      October 30th, 2012


At a private gathering in Santa Barbara in 2008 I met then-Senator Barack Obama on his campaign for the Presidency. I had read his book and I liked his values and his consistency with them­­––a rare quality in any person and essential for the road he was embarking on.

I value a future that Obama stands for…. where nature is preserved, where women are honored to make their own choices and where my country upholds individual freedom unlike anywhere else in the world. 

The President has persevered with us through tough times and he has achieved victories that have secured our liberties and peace. 

He has earned my respect, my confidence and my vote.

      October 23rd, 2012


In the 90's, for a moment, I settled into the chair of the Speaker of the House. It’s so much easier to sit in any politician's seat than walk in their shoes. It takes a lot of courage to step up and make a difference in our country ––And it's so important to get out and vote for who we want to guide us and be our voice. It would be great to get a woman in this chair again.

      October 19th, 2012


More looking through pictures of my life... some make me laugh so hard! It's fun to make fun of our own selves in the most delightful way. My friends call this my "pee pee pose".

      September 28th, 2012


Earlier this year, I walked the runway for The Heart Truth in support of women’s heart health... how would you caption this photo? And tell me... what have you done to protect your heart? #HeartStory

      September 28th, 2012


It’s hard for me to ever say no to a western... cowboys, wranglers and nature!

      September 26th, 2012


Sharing more photo finds today… This is me being lassoed by adorable Jonny Crawford on the set of The Gambler. I’ve always loved doing westerns...

      September 26th, 2012


I was reminded that yesterday marked 10 years of @The Heart Truth... Remembering my grandmother... and honoring all women who strive for heart health.

      September 26th, 2012


You’re all incredible – I’m blown away by your sweet responses! I’m going to find more pictures and share them soon!

      September 25th, 2012


The paperback edition of my book is coming out soon and I was just looking through special photos I love that didn't make the final cut…. This was me at sixteen on opening night at the Paramount Theatre in Hollywood. Do you know which usherette is me?

      September 24th, 2012


I spent the evening last night in Olympia overlooking the water with a special group of loving people who give their time and resources to Meals on Wheels to make sure seniors have at least one meal a day. How beautiful that there are people in the world that care so much and do this…

      August 24th, 2012


The 65 people I invited were spellbound when Bunky and her band unleashed their magic in my orchard.

      August 15th, 2012


I’m throwing together a party for my oldest dearest friend, Bunky! She’s 81 and she’s going to perform with her band in my orchard. Figuring out the menu... This is so exciting….

       July 28th, 2012


I’m in Santa Barbara with a friend who just lost her husband and we’ve been spending a lot of time asking questions and understanding life…

My girlfriend’s husband used to say, “Life is not a dress rehearsal”. 

We really do become more aware and alive when we deal with death…thinking about things we wished we said and did... Life is such a gift.

       July 12th, 2012


I have so many beautiful memories with Nolan to reflect on. We impact each others lives in ways we don’t understand until we’re gone. Each of us is irreplaceable…. Thank you for your loving thoughts...

       June 13th, 2012


I will miss my beautiful friend, Nolan Miller. He has been in my life since "The Big Valley".... 1965… and he’ll always be in my heart.

       June 8th, 2012


Laughter is my soul's best friend...

       June 2nd, 2012


It gives me hope to read your comments and feel how passionate you are about these issues too. I love that you’re actually involved and making a difference. Your stories mean a lot me.

       May 16th, 2012


I was so moved to be a part of an admirable campaign to feed seniors in need. Everyone deserves nurturing, attention and good healthy food. But this visit to Capitol Hill was life changing. After meeting with the remarkable people who run Meals on Wheels, I learned about the deeply unresolved issues they boldly face every day.

It was shocking and stunning that in our U.S., one of the wealthiest countries in the world, there are so many neglected people in need. Even though Meals on Wheels feeds a million people a day, it is only lunch… and not on weekends. There are still millions of seniors living with hunger.

These numbers are staggering and jolting. What I learned, I have to share: There are 3.3 million seniors who are homebound and cannot cook and are not fed by this program. One in seven baby boomers who are seniors now, are at risk.

I had an incredible visit to D.C., spending time with Linda Gray – I’m so inspired by what’s she’s done here – and meeting Congressmen and women and hearing the stories from people who are in the kitchens, going to homes and taking time in their life to share a smile and a meal and hold someone’s hand the only time of day they’ll have that.

It’s lunchtime now and some beautiful volunteer is delivering a meal, and some beautiful woman or man is receiving perhaps their only touch of a hand and kindness of the day. 

I have loved food, and I have loved cooking food – and I love cooking for people. That is my passion. I’ve written about all of that. And now, I am beginning to see new chapters of my journey.

I’m sure to share more with you soon…

       May 11th, 2012


The Meals On Wheels Association of America (MOWAA) wants to make sure every mom is remembered this Mother’s Day with the MEALS FOR MOMS Campaign. I'm so compelled in my heart to be there for this!

       May 4th, 2012


Oh my God – it's going to be 100 degrees! I'm headed to Phoenix to speak at the Women's Expo on Saturday. If you're near, I'd love to see you! There's nothing I won't talk about... so if you don't hold back, I won't hold back.

       April 20th, 2012


We're a powerful magnificent country yet somehow there are millions of women and children starving. This is staggering! It's so important to take a moment to look up from our busy lives and see how we can help each other.

       April 12th, 2012


Life was kind... we had sunshine for Easter! I hope you all had a glorious weekend. I went Easter Egg hunting with my six year old God-daughter who hid the eggs from me! I wouldn’t have found them without her help! It seems like I have enough eggs for everyone in the world – my chickens are loving Spring!

       April 9th, 2012


Last week, I was invited to speak at the Olympia Rotary Club about my book... and to share my feelings about aging gracefully. I met many beautiful people there... all living by the principles that the club is founded on that give great value to life. I’ll list them in case you’re curious!

“First, Is it the truth?
Second, Is it fair to all concerned?
Third, Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
Fourth, Will it be beneficial to all concerned?"

      April 9th, 2012


It was a beautiful afternoon with great ladies in Seattle. My cold didn't stop me then, but the next day I was flattened. I’m up now! And I’m thrilled to be back in life again! I hope everyone of you are doing well and can’t relate at all to what I’ve been through!

       March 16th, 2012


So excited for the afternoon….I’m heading up to Seattle to speak at the Northwest Women’s Show. Not even my cold can stop me. It’s going to be a great day for all of us!

       March 3rd, 2012


I’ve got my cookbook open to my cheddar cheese soufflé which I’m making tonight with pounded chicken.... these recipes are from a long time ago…they just make me so happy! I’m definitely putting on the fireplace because it’s really cold here. I hope all of you have a warm delicious night too!

       February 28th, 2012


I got up at the crack of dawn yesterday to go to L.A.…. so I am sending all my love to you now!! I spent a beautiful Valentine’s day with my step daughter, Sean, in Santa Monica… walking for miles on the beach. There were so many people just being in nature, singing on the pier, holding hands, watching the sun go down and enjoying the last moments of the day. Today, I’m speaking at the Jonathan Club with a wonderful group of women…. my favorite thing to do! I love sharing time with women, exchanging thoughts about life and celebrating our journey – it’s exciting!

       February 15th, 2012


Women helping women. It doesn't get any better than that. I squeezed into the tiny red dress on 3 inch heels and left behind my need to be model thin because I would do anything for this beautiful cause. It has meaning for all of us.

       February 13th, 2012


Your well wishes are so dear... Thank you! Tonight I'll be walking in The Heart Truth's Fashion Show in New York to help spread awareness of heart disease in women. Since 2002, more and more women are finding out about their personal risk and taking action to reduce it. You can watch the show live at 7pm EST tonight. I'll be wearing heels I've never worn before! Every step is for this greater good. xo

       February 8th, 2012


From the planes of Africa to the labyrinth of New York... I'll be showing my support for women's heart health, walking down the runway of The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection Fashion Show in a beautiful red dress. It is so important to raise awareness about the leading cause of death among women—heart disease. It's also so important to love ourselves into health.

       February 6th, 2012


It was such a privilege to have my camera on my journey and an honor to be with the Maasai. I have lifelong memories.

Of hundreds of photos, here are a few. I'll share more soon. I leave for New York in 2 days...

       February 5th, 2012


I'm back from Africa but I feel like my feet are in two worlds. I went to be with the Maasai. What a glorious world we live in... there are so many ways to experience life. It's stunning how you can be on earth at the same time and live such a different reality. I'll get my pictures together soon…

       February 3rd, 2012


I’ve been tasting 40 power bars to see if I can find one to take to Africa. But I’m eyeing the See’s candy bar on my table instead. It’s snowing; my camera hasn’t arrived yet; I’m leaving in the morning... and my See’s candy bar is looking better and better.

       January 16th, 2012


The Landcaster Opera House is kicking up their heels! This historic place is a legacy for performing arts and one of only a few town hall opera houses in the country. I hope my heels go far for them!

       January 10th, 2012


Last night I joined Chef Ricardo for an intimate evening to benefit Homeless Backpacks. It was so beautiful to spend time with people who realize the importance of individuals coming together to take care of each other. Every part of our night, from chopping, pealing and pureeing to doing dishes was so rewarding. Many homeless teens will be fed from the generous hearts who made this evening possible.

       January 8th, 2012


I spent the New Year with Bunky, both of us laughing so much, in spite of the challenges she's facing with her health. It's a new year and there is a world of choices for us all! I'm headed for Africa soon.... and will send pictures!

       January 3rd, 2012


She’s all wrapped up with joy and love! Ain’t she pretty!! Merry Christmas!

       December 24th, 2011


Thirty fabulous women. One brave man. A lot of laughs, food and wine... My favorite way to spend an evening! Baview Cooking School rocks. It was so fun sharing my recipes with them!

       December 15th, 2011


They were funny. They were kind. They were sweet. They were great to be with. And they gave me LOTS of room to be outrageous!!!

       December 9th, 2011


I’m back in New York and so excited to see Mario again! …And thrilled to meet all the chefs on The Chew!

       December 8th, 2011


This is such a beautiful time for women everywhere…. expressing hopes and dreams and creating new futures! Thank you, Women's Eye for sharing mine. I'd so love to hear all of yours!

       December 7th, 2011


I love this time of year and I've been thinking about you... and what this season means to everyone. I wanted to share that sometimes the greatest gifts we can give each other are the things we make with our love, in our own kitchen. Find out what your friends relish and adore, and make it for them! Wrap it with a bow and your love, and cherish the moments you have sharing it together!

       December 1st, 2011


Cooking Channel, I just love you! Cookie aficionados, this is a Ginger cookie with Lemon Curd; two things I love. The cookie itself is irresistible. When I put the lemon curd on it, I’m in trouble!
       November 19th, 2011


I’m 69 today! Uncharted territory! I am loving it!
       November 18th, 2011


It's always exciting to share with a man who really gets you!
       November 11th, 2011


Cindy really understands a woman’s journey!
       November 9th, 2011


I had so much fun yesterday signing books at JZ Rose - such an irresistible place! You can't stop shopping once you're there – so many fabulous things!
       November 6th, 2011


Someone told me their big family got together and prepared a buffet of all the recipes in my book! That's amazing! What a delicious vision! I am loving hearing your stories!
       November 4th, 2011


Here are snapshots from my book tour…each and every one of them is a beautiful memory for me.
       October 29th, 2011


Pasadena Firefighter Trey Sorenson came up with the idea of firefighter’s wearing pink shirts to supplement their dark uniform shirts for one week in October to show the importance of awareness of cancer prevention. I’m going PINK with them!
       October 24th, 2011


It is such a joy to meet so many people at the public libraries – I really get a sense of women everywhere… and what they want. I am loving the intimate moments we get to spend together and I’ve learned so much about US, as women!
       October 22nd, 2011


Rachael is so warm and gracious! This is the BEST EVER Apple Pie! I can't believe we made it together! I've watched her for years and now I've gone to Cooking Heaven!
       October 18th, 2011


I appeared at Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley, but I was IN a kitchen on Fire in Seattle! Family and friends came to cheer me on at New Day Northwest and it ended up being a magical day with beautiful Margaret and Su Ring, the producer. Later on TV today I'll be on Rachael Ray!
       October 18th, 2011


‎1 more day and I’ll be at QVC! I poured my love into signing every book they have for you! And I’m so excited to share the stories I’ve never told!
       October 15th, 2011


I love all your notes to me - they so warm my heart! My book tour is just taking me to New York, Seattle and Los Angeles... but stay tuned! I couldn’t be happier sharing my recipes and hearing that you are actually cooking them!
       October 15th, 2011


I was so touched that John Forsythe’s son, Dall, and his lovely wife, came to see me at the upper east side Barnes & Noble – I couldn’t hold back my tears…. we reminisced about how beautiful his dad was and how much our lives have been so enriched by him.
       October 15th, 2011


At Sirius Radio, a page stopped me at a window to see a man throw me a kiss... only to find out it was Steven Tyler! After he finished recording, we met in the hall and exchanged books… I forgot what it was like to have my heart beat so fast!
       October 14th, 2011


I’ve been meeting a lot of powerful women expressing their minds to the world… and I’m having a ball with them. It was great being with Kathie Lee and Hoda – these two really make the morning sparkle.
       October 14th, 2011


I am loving my tour through New York! 3 more days 'til QVC!
       October 13th, 2011

What a treat seeing Martha on the TODAY set doing her magic.
       October 13th, 2011

I'm crazy about Anny Curry! What a beautiful thoughtful woman!
       October 12th, 2011

It's finally here... My book comes out today!!!! ....It is truly a love letter to all those I have known and cherished. I hope that you will enjoy the people, the recipes and the banquet that has been my life... so far...!
       October 11th, 2011

It rained, it was stormy, and then the sun came out! This view was spectacular! Florence captured my heart... but traveling makes me realize how much I love my country.
       October 9th, 2011

Yesterday I was seeing the sights in beautiful Florence with my friend JZ. Tomorrow I'll be in NY. On Tuesday... my book is out!!
       October 9th, 2011

My step daughter, Sean Derek, who lovingly helped write my book, always has both hands full of exciting projects. She's a creative genius like her father, my first husband and great love, John Derek! The movie Sean wrote (while we also worked on my book) just came out too. It's called "The Quest for Zhu" and it's a big delight!
       October 8th, 2011

I'm in beautiful! It's Heaven everywhere. I can't stop myself from eating... Last night it was steamed asparagus with fresh paolo parisi farm poached egg & paleggio cheese fondue and then lasagne with wild mushrooms in a parmesan cheese cream. And of course you can't be in Italy and not drink wine! On my book tour in New York next week, if my clothes are bulging it was worth it!
       October 7th, 2011

My book tour began at the Reader's Festival in Mission Viejo - a gloriously beautiful place; the people so warm and friendly. In Los Angeles at the Expo, we had the chance to get down and really share. The best part of my trip: the women. We had so many great conversations and shared so many beautiful moments. We talked about our insecurities, our fears, our paths, AND our greatness. It was a beautiful time. Off to Italy now!
       October 3rd, 2011

I've taken off my apron and I have every shoe I ever wore on Dynasty on the floor... getting ready for the first two stops of my book tour: Mission Viejo Reader's Festival on Saturday. Ultimate Women's Expo in Los Angeles on Sunday. Here I go!
       September 29th, 2011

I love all your sweet notes...thanks for asking about QVC... I'll be on Sunday's Best on October 16th. I wouldn't be there without my step-daughter Sean's loving gift of helping me put my life into words. And that day is her birthday!
       September 28th, 2011

It's raining silvery drops here in the Pacific Northwest and I am signing bookplates for a special edition of Recipes for Life for QVC. I'm pouring my love into every one of them.
       September 27th, 2011

I loved meeting Pam Sissons from And I LOVE the site she created for women!
       September 27th, 2011

Sunday at Kitchen on Fire was everything I hoped it would be. I came home as if I'd gone to Heaven. Olivier and MikeC are brilliant in the kitchen. We laughed. We cooked. We toasted with fine Napa wines and I enjoyed getting to know everyone who came for this beautiful night.
       September 20th, 2011

6 hours 'til I see you all at Kitchen on Fire! Loving my day in Berkeley...the people-filled streets, restaurants, dogs. It's a little bit of Heaven!
       September 18th, 2011

OMG... I just received my book from my publisher! I'm holding it next to my heart....
       September 13th, 2011

What fun! I'm going to Berkeley to cook -- and I would love to see you all on this new adventure with me! Come and we'll eat and talk and cook and laugh and share a beautiful night together. Kitchen on Fire, September 18th.
       August 31st, 2011

It's going to be so much fun cooking in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto at Kitchen on Fire!
       August 5th, 2011

Today is a sunny day in Washington (finally)! In spite of that, my kitchen's hot, I'm cooking and I LOVE it!
       July 24th, 2011

Thanks to each and every one of you for your kind words. Being at BEA was beautiful to connect with so many people. It was so wonderful to see old friends...meeting Kathie Lee by surprise! We've both written books. We're excited for each other. Women on the move.
       June 15th, 2011

I'm off today to New York to BEA and I want to thank you all for being a beautiful part of my memories. I'm so excited!
       May 22nd, 2011

Oh my God, it's done. After all the writing. After all the revisions. After all the testing of the recipes. After the thousands of hours in the kitchen making sure every recipe is perfect. It's DONE.

I thought I was done with recipes, cookbooks and food. Then I picked up Cooks Illustrated... could not help myself... and started cooking AGAIN! I couldn't believe it. The journey continues...

I LOVE food.
       May 11th, 2011

One of my few nights out, it was wonderful to meet Roseanne Barr at my dear friend JZ Knight's house – great to meet a kindred soul! Roseanne touches my heart with her sincerity to know truth and speak it. She's one of my heroes. Look what she has to say
       April 2nd, 2011

In every moment, every day, I have been giving life to my book...digging deep into my history and sharing what I've overcome and become. It's coming out in October - I’ll let you know exactly when! Thank you for all your kind words...!
       April 2nd, 2011

My Manuscript... A work in progress.
       February 11th, 2011

I’m totally immersed in writing my book, surrounded by a sea of pages about my life...
       February 11th, 2011

How about 2nd chances. On his show, Piers asked, if we could be with anyone in history on an island for 6 months, who would we choose. I answered Johnny Depp because he marches to the beat of his own drum. I admire that quality in people. In reflection, my answer is Jesus. As a person, not as a religious figure. He lived in a time of tremendous upheaval and I would love to hear his thoughts about our world today.
       February 8th, 2011

Rachael was everything you would imagine she is! She's your favorite neighbor, your best friend, and more...
       January 24th, 2011

I adored being with these legendary ladies and Piers has a great mind and dear heart – loved our time with him! Such great moments in New York!
       January 23rd, 2011

Big Valley fans, want to take a trip down memory lane? Tuesday is Pioneers of Television spotlight on Westerns!
       January 23rd, 2011

Clothes all over the floor. 8 suits. On my way to New York for PBS, Rachel Ray, Piers Morgan and more... What fun to be with Angie, Stephanie and Nichele! And all of a sudden with a push of a button WE are all connected! Follow me here – let’s make great new memories together!
       January 11th, 2011

This Christmastime I have been completely immersed in the new book I'm writing, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! I want to wish you the most joyous New Year and that 2011 brings each of us wonderful opportunities and adventures. I’ll lift a glass, if you will!
       December 28, 2010

I'm so pleased that Oprah understands the journey of a woman – the show from September is on again today!
       December 2, 2010

You have all touched my life in many ways ~ Many blessings and hugs to all of you!
       November 25, 2010 | Thanksgiving

I am so touched by all of your responses. Even though we all know that no one outside of us can face our challenges for us, it’s a sweet thing to know we are loved during them.
       November 14, 2010

As hard as it is to believe…adversity is my friend. Such gifts in it.
       November 13, 2010

I’m realizing the importance of not giving up. Ever.
       October 24, 2010

Eating right now is not about being full. Is anyone else experiencing this? I can’t stop eating!
       October 13, 2010

There’s a freedom and a giggle in letting go...
       October 6, 2010

I love the honesty of Cybil and Terri. Leave it to Oprah to open that door. Let’s celebrate getting older and wiser together.
       September 28, 2010

Off to Florida soon. Not for the sun, but for my Eyewear line. I am NOT taking a bathing suit....!
       September 24, 2010

Does anyone else have the busiest life in the world? Or is it just me!
       September 22, 2010

A whole new world. So exciting!
       September 20, 2010


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